Expert Refrigeration and air conditioning installs and repairs  |  Servicing Kapiti to Palmerston North
Expert Refrigeration and air conditioning installs and repairs  |  Servicing Kapiti to Palmerston North

The 3 Most Common Heat Pump Problems & How To Fix Them

According to many engineers and HVAC experts, heat pumps are the future. These are an energy-efficient, eco-friendly alternative to the systems of old, and have seen a huge explosion in popularity in products from tumble dryers to heating systems. Despite their success, however, there can be issues and challenges – so what do you do if your heat pump heater is not working? Here at Mnus 21 Refrigeration, we took a closer look at some of the most common heat pump problems you may encounter – and, most importantly, how they can be fixed in no time.

It Won’t Turn On

A heat pump not turning on is one of the most common issues and can be very frustrating on a cold winter’s day. The most common cause is dead batteries in the remote – try switching these for fresh batteries, and you will likely have solved your problem. If all else fails, double-check that the power is actually on – this is a surprisingly common cause of heat pumps failing to power up!

It Doesn’t Give Enough Heat

If the issue isn’t your heat pump not turning on, it is that it fails to provide adequate heat, and the blame here usually lies with the air filter – if these are dirty or blocked, they can stop airflow, and this reduces the efficiency and heat of the system. Take time to clean your filters regularly, and arrange a regular service with experienced technicians.

In some cases, a lack of heat may indicate that you need a bigger heat pump, and this is common in larger homes. Once again, an expert will be able to advise on the best size and option for your space.

It Makes Strange Noises…

Is it a cat? Is it a ghost? Is it your neighbour? Strange bangs and bumps in the night might actually be your heat pump, and this is typically caused by parts that have come loose or air vents that are shut – this prevents airflow. Double-check that vents are open and that all parts are secure, and check the outdoor unit to remove any leaves or debris that could be causing a blockage. If all else fails, call a heat pump expert – or an exorcist…

If your heat pump heater is not working, there is no need to despair – there are a number of common options, and these are easily fixable by a professional. Get in touch with the team at Mnus 21 Refrigeration, and let us take care of the problem.

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