Expert Refrigeration and air conditioning installs and repairs  |  Servicing Kapiti to Palmerston North
Expert Refrigeration and air conditioning installs and repairs  |  Servicing Kapiti to Palmerston North

3 of the Most Common Myths About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps warm up buildings by bringing in heat from the outside, being both eco-friendly and cost-effective. If you own a home in Palmerston North, you might find our heat pump installation service appealing.

If you’re still unsure, it could be due to some common misconceptions about heat pumps. Let us debunk these myths and clarify any confusion you might have about these so-called “facts”…

“Heat Pumps Don’t Work in Cold Climates” 

Because of the basic way heat pumps operate, it’s understandable to think this misconception is true. To be fair, it’s not entirely unfounded. In the past, some heat pumps did struggle to produce much warmth in colder conditions, especially around a decade ago.

However, these days, it’s possible to source heat pumps specially designed to harness heat even from relatively cold environments.

“Heat Pumps are Too Loud”

Once more, this idea might stem from past experiences with earlier heat pumps that were known for producing uncomfortably loud noise levels.

Thankfully, over the years, technology has advanced, and many modern heat pumps are now designed to operate quietly. This is mainly due to the integration of features such as discharge mufflers and insulated compressors.

“Heat Pumps are Too Expensive”

Yes, while a heat pump might have a higher initial price than a gas boiler, it’s important to keep in mind that the former is more efficient in bringing about long-term financial savings for your household.

That’s because a heat pump extracts heat from the surroundings instead of generating it from scratch. While it does use electricity, the consumption is not as much as you might think. Some heat pumps can achieve an impressive 400% efficiency rating in terms of energy utilisation.

You can trust us with residential heat pump installation in Palmerston North as well as a range of nearby areas — including Levin, Otaki and Foxton. It’s easy to enquire with us by ringing 027 302 2455.

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