Expert Refrigeration and air conditioning installs and repairs  |  Servicing Kapiti to Palmerston North
Expert Refrigeration and air conditioning installs and repairs  |  Servicing Kapiti to Palmerston North

5 Signs Your Freezer/Cool Rooms Need Repairs

Freezers and cool rooms are essential appliances in most people’s homes and ones that we can’t afford to break down. Recognising the signs of trouble early can save you from food spoilage, energy issues and costly repairs. Here are our five unmistakable signs that your freezer or cool room needs some assistance.  

1) Fluctuating temperatures 

If you notice that the temperature inside your freezer or cool room is inconsistent, it’s a clear sign of a problem. Fluctuating temperatures are likely to lead to spoilage of food at the worst, and uneven cooling at the best.  

2) A buildup of ice or frost  

While a thin layer of ice or frost is normal, excessive buildup is likely to cause concern. The main issue is that it can lead to reduced cooling efficiency and therefore increased energy consumption. This might signal issues with poor airflow, something that requires immediate attention.  

3) Strange noises 

Whilst most freezers make humming or quiet buzzing noises, strange or loud noises such as grinding or rattling are not normal. Ignoring these types of sounds may lead to more severe issues down the line and are best addressed as soon as possible.  

4) Leaking  

Any signs of water around or outside your freezer or cool room should not be ignored. Leaks could be a result of a blocked drain tube or damaged water supply line. What’s more, not only do leaks indicate a problem with the unit itself, but they can also create their own safety hazards such as slippery floors.  

5) Spikes in energy bills 

Many of us are likely to have seen increases in energy bills over the past year or so, but if you’ve noticed a rapid increase without an increase in usage, your freezer or cool room might be working harder than it needs to in order to maintain its temperature. 

Paying attention to these things can help you detect potential problems before they become major issues. If you notice any of these warning signs, we’d advise seeking the help of commercial refrigeration technicians who are able to identify and address problems swiftly. Remember – the quicker someone takes a look, the more money you’re likely to save.

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