Expert Refrigeration and air conditioning installs and repairs  |  Servicing Kapiti to Palmerston North
Expert Refrigeration and air conditioning installs and repairs  |  Servicing Kapiti to Palmerston North

A Beginner’s Guide to Heat Pumps and How They Work

What’s great about heat pumps is that they are multipurpose systems that can not only warm up your home but cool it down as well. Heat pumps are seen as sustainable alternatives for temperature solutions in your home which are beneficial during the current climate change and increased energy prices. For first-timers who wish to gain a better understanding of heat pumps, this blog can assist. 

Heating VS Cooling

Heat pumps work on the idea that heat can be transferred from one space to another. This is useful for both commercial and residential settings.

In heating mode, the heat pump doesn’t create new heat, instead, it actually moves available heat from one space to another. 

In cooling mode, the heat pump absorbs or sucks the heat from the room and expels it to the outside air. 

Energy Efficient Solution

Due to heat pumps moving heat from one space to another, the only energy required is to run the compressor. Due to this, heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient heating solutions available on the market. They only use around 1Kw to create 4kW of heat. 

Installing & Maintaining Heat Pumps

Depending on the type of heat pump system that is installed, it can take a couple of hours to a day to install the system by a professional. In New Zealand, the warranty for a heat pump system tends to be around five and six years.

Cleaning is the way to maintain your heat pump, this makes sure that your heat pump performs effectively and also keeps your air healthy. You’ll find that the majority of heat pumps have accessible air filters that you can easily access to clean thoroughly. 

Have you moved house and would like a heat pump installation? Would you like to upgrade the heating or cooling and require a free quote? Heat pumps are cost-effective to run and keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. If you are unsure of your options, let Minus 21 Refrigeration undertake a site evaluation and offer professional advice about what will work best in your space. Maintain a comfortable temperature whatever the weather with heat pump installation from Minus 21 Refrigeration.

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