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Expert Refrigeration and air conditioning installs and repairs  |  Servicing Kapiti to Palmerston North

What is the Difference Between a Cold Room and a Freezer Room?

Cold rooms and freezer rooms are often confused for each other. However, although walk-in freezers and walk-in cold rooms are structurally similar and are designed in rather the same way, they are actually very different. When you are considering refrigeration installation, it is crucial you know which one you need. 

Here are some key ways to tell the difference between a cold room and a freezer room. 


Freezer rooms can store products at low temperatures. This means that products can be kept at between -18°C and -40°C. If you want to store things for months or even years, then a freezer room is ideal.

Cold rooms are nowhere near as cold. They tend to operate between two temperature ranges. The first of these is between 2°C and 12°C and is ideal for products that you do not intend to keep for more than a few days. This is more of a chilled temperature and is ideal for products with short lifespans or that you know you will sell quickly. 

The second temperature range is between -2°C and +5°C. This is a cooler environment and can keep things for a few weeks. So if you have a product that sells fairly often but isn’t flying off the shelf, this is a good place to put it. 

Both Freezer rooms and cold rooms have temperatures that vary depending on the manufacturer. It is a good idea to consult a specialist when considering a refrigeration installation


Freezer rooms and cold rooms normally have roughly the same storage space. However, by removing panels in either option, you can often gain more room. Some manufacturers also provide shelves with their product to help organise storage space and maximise room.  


A freezer room is normally used for long-term freezing due to the very cold temperatures available. It is ideal for preserving products as it prevents bacteria from forming, meaning that whatever food you store in there should remain fresh and safe to eat for a long time. However, these products are not likely to be readily available at speed, as they will need defrosting. 

A cold room does not freeze anything and therefore its contents do not need defrosting. Anything you take out of a cold room is available for use immediately. However, this means that anything stored in a cold room will not last anywhere near as long as it does in a freezer room. 


Many products that are placed in a freezer room or cold room need to be protected against accidental contamination or theft. Many refrigeration installation experts will be able to install your freezer room or cold room in a safe and secure way to ensure that this isn’t a problem. 

If you would like to know more about refrigeration installation, please get in touch via email or by phone 027 302 2455. We will happily help you find the refrigeration options that you need.

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